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Nitric Oxide & Alzheimers Disease

We hope everyone takes the following article on Alzheimers very seriously today. Alzheimers is a terrible disease that effects many people around the world. With more research and study maybe we can find a cure for it. Every day we hope and pray that this will come true. We know that you do to. In a perfect world Alzheimers would not exist but sadly the world isn’t perfect.

Nitric oxide & Alzheimers Disease:

The scientific community has known for some time that nitric oxide is involved in virtually every biological process in the body. Nitric oxide (NO) is primarily responsible for maintaining normal blood pressure, fighting off infections and helping our brain cells communicate with one another. For years, scientists have believed that too little NO presents in the form of hypertension or high blood pressure. But we now understand that NO insufficiency may manifest itself in many different ways, even compromising our immune system’s ability to kill invading pathogens.

Research recently revealed an even more shocking discovery about NO insufficiency. A published report from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine shows very clearly that deficient levels of NO is also associated with Alzheimers disease. The study shows that Alzheimers patients have an apparent disruption in the NO pathway. However, it is still not clear whether NO insufficiency is the cause of the amyloid plaques or if the development of the amyloid plagues are causing a disruption in normal NO production and signaling. Regardless of which is the prime-mover, the data clearly show that insufficient NO production in Alzheimers patients contributes to the progression of the disease. Without sufficient NO produced in the brain, there is reduced blood flow and oxygen delivery, as well as reduced cellular communication between neurons. Restoring NO production in Alzheimers patients may be a first line of defense for the progression of the disease and the cognitive decline.

These most recent data clearly indicate that nitric oxide restoration may constitute a new frontier in the fight against the debilitating effects of Alzheimers disease. Going forward, the scientific community needs to gain a clinical understanding of whether supplemental nitric oxide can help protect pre-alzheimers patients from the disease and whether it could help prevent progression of the disease after onset.

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Neogenis labs – About the Author:
Dr. Nathan Bryan is Chief Science Officer for Neogenis Labs and faculty at University of TX Institute of Molecular Medicine in Houston.

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